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Borrower’s To “Don’t” List

In an effort to make the process of your mortgage loan be as hassle-free as possible, please understand that any of the actions listed below may result in one or more of the following:

• Additional information requested by Traditional Home Mortgage
• Delay in loan closing
• Loan being declined regardless of prior loan approval

 No new inquiries on your credit report
 Do not incur more debt
 No late payments on any accounts
 Do not consolidate your debt into one or two credit cards or close credit cards
 Do not pay off collections or charge off accounts
 Do not dispute any item on your credit report
 No large deposits other than payroll-all deposits other than payroll must be documented and accounted for
 Do not make any large cash purchase which result in lowering verified bank balances
 No increases in balances on credit cards or liens of credit which would increase your minimum monthly payment
 Do not change jobs without notifying your loan officer
 If commission, bonus or overtime income decreases notify your loan officer
 A NEW CREDIT REPORT WILL BE ORDERED PRIOR TO CLOSING! Should the second credit report reveal a decrease in your credit scores, the rate and/or cost involved may change or could result in your loan being declined

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